Monday, June 1, 2015

Untitled VII

The city is a place
a man can spend his
check make some
wrong turns cause
 he been hanging out with the
worse,sometimes set ups and
sometimes its karma at work, maybe
you burned someone and now its your go,
but whatever the situation unfolds in your
hand, you gotta understand what's down
must go up, the understanding of gravity
helps you get through some tragedy's become
the dentist in your life you'll remove all the
cavities, traverse is your option, to reverse
is acknowledged but to go back to something
that you've learned is chaotic, that's where
order is born and stability rest, just look
at how the renaissance lead us out of a mess,
to the people I'm speaking this ancient
knowledge is reason, realign your chakra
lights to the normals its leisons, to religion its treason,
while our governments fleeting, creating large cities
weeding out the poor is deceiving, that's why the
people are leaving, their bank accounts are
receding, taxes too high on crappy
food that were eating, gentrified at
its best, water supply at its worse:
we drinking from the stream of
Lethe calcified from birth, even the
bottles I question but that's for some
other time, read my other writings
they may open your mind, but take
a second to reckon this record
understanding the lesson....why a
man in the city can spend his
pay in the city
of debt...dollar rules,
cash flows out your hands into the
rich, trying to keep up with style will
have you in the pits,the allure of the city
and what's hiding in the mist....

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