Tuesday, June 2, 2015

ayrm galadenem

She graveled at his feet because
she said she would never cheat,
he stood there packed, ready to
leave but he could feel her tears
slowly drowning his feet, her fruit
scented hair grazed against his
toes, the heavy breathing felt comforting
to his nails...she graveled at his feet because
she said she would never cheat, his eyes
began to swell because his love had failed,
angry and sad, but anxious he wanted to
leave, he couldn't leave her sobbing, because
of her humble cries and pleads, her lusty
ways got the best of her and he knew why,
he looked to the sky and questioned his union
with a woman full of lies, her voluptuous
lips kissed his feet while her hair
swept her tears of sin, each drop
filled with secrets buried with in,
released were the words and guilt
she carried, relief was the feeling as
she sobbed over her marriage...

The man she loves, the woman he
loves, the moments they shared, the
feelings were there, her open arms and
warmth were molested with lust, his
perception of her image was tainted
and crushed, but in the dark he found
light and rushed her with love, he dropped
his bags and caressed her head, helped
her off her knees and pulled her close to him,
looked in her glossy eyes and he could see
she was miles away, tormented by a choice,
taunted by a voice, he kissed her on the
brow and lightly scratched her
back, she kissed him on the lips
and gladly kissed her back, light
pecks that were soft, intimate, vital
signs of love slowly began to swirl like
a tornado from above, he began to speak
 but decided to "spell" "I forgive you" with
his hands to her heart, her tears started to
dry, a smile begin to crack, lightly crying she
begin to laugh, joy was starting to surface
, he knew she had done wrong but if he
didn't forgive her the demons would have
had their way...

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