Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Erotic love

Erotic love 

Written by Sandeep Khosla

You and me be one,

Fused together,

Dissolving love,

Pouring in and out,

Craving for more,

Exploring the forbidden love,

Let's be one,

Caring for nothing but love,

Explode together,

To be one in the realm of ecstasy,

O my love,

You and me,

Can do it not for fun,

But for a bliss trap,

Between the dots and line,

Transfixed like a glue,

Gobbling satiating,

Between the symphony,

Which our bodies together,

While sliding will make,

Wetting in sweat,

The movement of pleasure,

In the depths,

Of you,

Between the streaks,

Making you ride the tide,

Of molten lava,

Which like a volcano,

I explode in you,

But dear only you and me,


Make this ride


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