Monday, April 27, 2015


To be ahead of the pack means to be alone,
for those who do not understand, will
eventually see, and for those who are
presented with sight may choose to ignore
the vision, there's those who choose to go
against the grain, while others choose the
misinformation that enters their brain, we can
not judge, you can not judge, I can not judge
, I can only watch and pray the best for that person
for the universe can be misleading, sending messages to
spread but has a plan of it own and changes direction, going
against its own plan...which in turn makes the messenger look
like a loud a messenger arrogance can arise, knowing
information you shouldn't know can make one feel infinite,
you have to stay humble and find a way, a way of not being
a know it all...because we don't know all...we know alot
but we don't know all....even knowing the future of others,
we are not suppose to tell, we are suppose to guide, even
when others are upsetting you because you know
their end game, we have to let them fall
because that's their fate, their
journey, their path, we can not
intervene because are small actions
cause a loud bang in the universe
changing all the billions of others
lives because you want her for maybe 3 years
which is 3 seconds in other want
her for an average human relationship
life span, maybe 53 years, look how all the
threes align...

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