Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Karma started with an
idea, a thought, a vision,
an answer, to hurt or love
those who deserve, to serve those
who need, to help others when life's
cards are dealt with good or too much
bad, to balance out life when the world is
sad so those can understand pain but also
experience joy, live in bliss and experience their
96th kiss as their first, but know what its like
to be broke on the first, 15th, and 30th...

Karma started with an idea, an energy,
to receive and give, to love when its sin,
to lust when its win, to understand trust
 when its gone with the wind, so when the
time is right you understand your lavish nights
at the Wynn....but when the nights are
unusually dark, and your bed is cold
and all you've done is right, when
every element in you has to fight
just to understand what's right
you find yourself in the wrong
but that's what makes us strong...
When your chest is tight, and
you feel the pressure of life
its meant for you to bench
press the light, relive the stress
and fly like a kite, soar like
a plane, run open like in a plain,
because your soul is free on another
plain...your brain can neglect the
foofaraw thoughts: the negative energy
that's food for thoughts, give until
your nick name is toys for tots and
stingy when the world is not....

Karma had an idea, an idea to love,
a thought to romance the world with
what they ask, so what we speak is
what we ask, so the words we spell
is what we mask, but the words we
spell can be our last, so the words we
speak can be the future or the past,
which is the present we unwrap

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