Thursday, June 11, 2015

Through the eyes of a Pharaoh

I don't want to leave you but
the stars called, as I lay here,
slipping, falling in between the
now and some new journey that
lies on the horizon...let the sunset
so I can travel across the cosmos and rise
again, strong, burning bright in the morning,
shedding light on every speck of dark, even
the shadows that hide will get touched when
I switch positions, I'll get through cracks
 and shine through, I'm everywhere in this
life and the next...I don't want to leave you
my  love, I want to stay with you forever,
if you can make a promise, promise you'll
recognize me if I don't, even if you don't,
promise you'll trust me, trust yourself to know
it feels right, because I know on these journeys
we can get lost, lose sight, come back in
multiple life's and each one changes the person
we were, the person we became only to question
who we are love, this isn't death
, wipe the tears from your face,
your make up is running we must remain
in God face, for if I don't return I'll be
in heaven: in Gods place, my love come
close so I can hug you, hold you
tight smell your lovely fragrance,
kiss you, stare into your eyes one
last time so I remember the soul
that looks  the same in no matter
what love remember
our teachings from the angels that
visited us in weird ships, remember
the five rose pedals they put to our
lips, remember they said we one
day will fall and our lessons should
be taught to the generations....I'm
leaving...I can feel the release, hope
to see you next life, either here on
earth or in the stars...will meet again,
we'll have fun, we'll laugh and fight, hold
my hand once more, I see the angels and the
pharaoh's that ruled the land once before...

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