Friday, June 19, 2015

Thank you

One night when my
spirits were low I
called my friend on
the one night I wanted
it to end, your laughter made
me took me back to
2011 when my fiance and I would
chill in the car on hot summer nights
and just laugh... minus the hugging, kissing,
cigarettes, beer, and weed smoke, I was
immersed in a vibe that acted as a time
machine, perverse by a time that made me
a dad to be, converse about things that
made us weak, curse about the days we
wish to never see...I was myself,
I was not judged but critiqued by
truth, no airs were put on...Thank you
and I hope the laughter I shared with
you cleared any stress from your chest.
One love. =)

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