Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I never will be free

The next poet I'm introducing gave me the first poem she ever wrote and the one that was posted below, titled Distance, was her most recent poem. I'm interested to see more work, hopefully she might share a little more; if not, these are the two you get world and enjoy them. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog. One Love

I Never Will Be Free

Written by Ter.Ann.
The place I go to hide my tears, is never far away

   I keep them here inside of me, all neatly put away

When I look into his eyes, I wish the love was there

   But then I realize, down inside, he doesn't even care

The love I feel for him comes from deep inside of me

   But until I know he once loved me back, I never will be free

                                                      (c) 1991

Honors received by Terri Logue (Ter.Ann.):
International Society of Poets Poet of the year 2005
Who's who in Poetry 2005
Outstanding Achievement in Poetry 2005
International Society of Poets Associate Member 2005
International Society of Poets Best Poet of 2012
Published Author as of 2013

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