Sunday, April 5, 2015


If you want to delve into someone's mind, the next poet I'm introducing allows you to do that. He's very descriptive when he writes, basically painting a picture for you with words. Marques Holland and I use to hang back in the day and he's good people; we lost contact for a while but got back in contact through a group a friend of ours started on Facebook.When Marques post his poems, the comments below had women feeling HOT! If you don't believe me, I'll give you a little sample of his writing right now. If you want to see more of his work, you can check him out at, Thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog and enjoy. =)


Astrological Pleasure:
Written by Marques Holland aka biglee2421 aka Poeticmind

She was my Angie Stone putting kisses all over my body
It was a summer holiday and we was getting naughty.
We was on a 12 hour shift
Sexually moving swift
And her legs was on a lift.
She came in no panties
She knew that was my fancy
So I took advantage.
Put them legs in a lock so she was at a disadvantage
While my tongue twisted around her clit
And my lips kissed her lips.
Her legs was shaking
The bed was quaking
And she was hitting high notes.
Releasing vulgar quotes
While pushing me in deep
Making her pussy weep.
She was wet like the ocean
My boat was in motion
She was enjoying the ride.
Her ambitions moved to the side
The deeper I got inside
She was on a natural high
Pulling me along inside her thighs.
Not one session but three
Screaming she can't get enough of me.
I guess that's what time and distance make things be
Cause she stayed wet for me
Taking quick naps then climbing back on top of me.
Chills ran up our spine
Clock hit nine
Climaxes flooded our pleasure zones
As quickly as it begun it was done.

She went from can I taste it in the back seat
To jumping on it on Bakersfield sheets
To give me a five cause that was amazing.
She was, "what is it your doing to me"?
While my tongue and hands made her weak in the knees
Falling back on the bed
With her dress being pulled over her head
And her legs being spread.
Moaning to soft kisses on her inner thigh
Tongue flicking her clit had her hips raising high
Fingers pinching her nipple got her juices flowing
Climax was growing
Mind was blowing
My dick was waking
Her legs was shaking
Her climax erupted.
Her mind was corrupted
As her juices squirted out
And vulgar expressions blurted out.
First time squirting
And I was just tongue flirting
Dancing on her sweet spot
Making a mess in her spot
Then throwing her legs on my shoulders
Breaking through her walls with my thick boulder
Looking shock like I hadn't told her
I'm a beast.
She was pulling sheets
Biting pillows
And rolling her eyes.
Screaming out, "Right there,
Don't stop,
Fuck me,
Damn daddy"
While I was steady in my groove
Looking in the mirror as I moved.
We was on a high
We was smacking thighs
As the fire began to rise
And our Climaxes was evacuated
On her back I ejaculated
Her pussy was elated
From the way that we related
In each other arms we stay all night unseparated.

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