Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The other side of Jealousy...


Written by Shy LaLa

Jealousy is wanting to cover her face in your pictures.

Jealousy is leaving my things around for her to find.

Jealousy is me wanting to tell her to back off,
Wanting her to catch us,
Wanting her to ask about the scratches.

Jealousy is wanting to fuel hers so I can put mine to rest.
I will not give you up so easily this time.
I've never been the jealous type before, but I have a feeling I'd be very good at it.

Jealousy is hoping my hair is all over your pillows.

Jealousy is hoping I left more there than I really did, and making a note to leave more next time.

Jealousy is writing this.

Love is never showing it to you.

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