Friday, August 1, 2014

Hippie talk from a "sane" mind

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When one speaks of the Hippie culture, you get this sense that some people mock them, some frown upon them, some make of fun of them, but the question is why? I guess I shouldn’t ask why because I know the obvious reasons, most hippies are not a part of the main stream culture and a lot of hippies, even today’s hippies were known to be heavy drug users and they also wanted to spread love and peace; Who doesn’t want love and peace? Who wants to be fighting all the time? Who wants someone to die just because? Nobody really wants that…If you believe in God, you might say something along the lines of, “God wanted her/him home.” Which yeah, that’s one way of looking at it, but I don’t think God wants anyone to suffer when they pass away; death is a natural part of life and taking life disrupts that natural flow.

            If we truly are just more advanced animals, then I guess killing each other is just the way it works. I don’t want to say that about man because I see something greater in us, we have the ability to become better but we choose to evolve in the wrong direction, when you sit back and look at it, you can see the fork in the road for humanity. Why the hate for hippies? I get it, some of their thoughts can be radical and far out, borderline, “What the fuck are you talking about?” kind of thoughts, not in this world kind of thoughts. This is the time to listen. In everything you don’t understand, there’s at least one portion of it you do recognize; and in the portion you apprehend, grow with it, expand with it, then return to the rest you did not understand to see if you comprehend. That’s life in a nut shell. We can’t close our minds, we should learn to entertain a thought, it doesn’t mean you’ll become a hippie, a politician, a part of the pop scene, it simply means you’re acknowledging something different without actually agreeing with it.

            Hippies, and modern day hippies, are following more of the Eastern religions and a lot of the practices in the east, are spreading the same word as the west just without the genocide history if you will. If anything, there’s a theory out there saying that, the years Jesus disappeared in the bible, he spent those years in Asia spreading God’s word, not Christianity but the word of God, the word of love. In 18 years, he did not force his word, I assumed he integrated with those and they exchanged words; who knows, but I do know this, a lot of the teachings in the east sound familiar to some of the things Jesus said. I think once we break down these “titles” labeled upon religion, and realize there’s a greater meaning, that fork in the road will disappear….I digress, hippies may sound far out because as man, we fear what we do not understand; and fear usually leads to out casting and many other hideous acts. We are all connected, you just have to listen, open your heart, and your mind will follow (I feel like that’s from a song. 10 points if you can remember what song that’s from. =) lol) Anyways, as usual, thank you for stopping by “No Title” the random blog, feel free to roam around and have a nice day. One love.

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