Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rhythmic Afrodisiaco

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In my dream, I dreamed you the way you are, your long dark hair, bangs swooped over your eye with your shades on, dark but mysterious enough to make a man curious. The way the wind tussle’s with your hair, the scent of your perfume, carried into the nose, the way when you hug me how your body is drowsed into mines, allowing me to pull you in tight and smell your scent; as you toss your hair exposing your neck, my lips lightly press, as your shirt slowly begins to melt and you began to undress; your exposed shoulders, your soft skin and enhanced breathing has my heart beating, my temperature rising, my everything rising, you’re my morning to my rising and I’m you’re sunset to your climax… my fingers dance across your belly trailed by my tongue, head first I lunge, lips wet like a sponge, the smacking, the licking, the wanting, the pressure, the urgency, the desire and panting, heavy breathing, heating as I’m eating, the pausing as I’m teasing, the forcefulness, as I shove, light kisses to your chest as I rub, the light kisses to your nipples as I snub, the light kisses to your lips as I shove….

            Dig deep and expand, I slowly pound in, feeling the warmth and your nails light dazzle into my back….I stop, we kiss, look in each other’s eyes….you smile and I smile back as the afternoon sun bounces off of your caramel skin…we laugh…we kiss…I hug you and I start moving, your smile disappears as I start to speed up, legs in the air your feet up and curled, your eyes rolled as I swirl, your chest red from the orgasmic whirl wind,  as we make music the earth stopped it’s rotation and you I became one, loving to the pulse of the earth, the vibrations, the magic that doesn’t exist, the passion, the love that is, the love that can’t escape, trapped between our sweaty bodies our sex lake, we float to heaven, we created this heaven, we created this room of our very filled passion, you and I, me and you, we can do, we can touch, we can taste, we misbehave our punishment is each other’s sex slave; as you ride on my sex wave, we exchange charka’s, and switch back, switch positions and swap backs, a tug of war as we race to climax, holding off, resisting, biting my lips I’m fighting, as you come I keep holding, wanting you to get another oh…my oh face, oh wait, your oh place, oh come on my whole leg, oh those thick legs, oh those thick thighs….as we lay and hold each other in the sweaty sheets with no care, the afternoon sun shining our sweat, gleaming like it does on the ocean, she rubs my jaw line, it’s soft, relaxing…I scratch her back, combined between rubbing and nails…it leads into a message on her lower back; I kiss her back and rub her shoulders, I pull her in closer…I run my fingers through her hair and scratch her tape lightly…softly I caress her, lightly I kiss her, slowly I’m aroused, looking for round two but to relaxed from all the touching…

            She faces me, looks me in the eyes and rubs my scruffy beard, she smiles and tell’s me, “I never want to leave here” I smile and kiss her on the cheek, kiss her on the forehead, I reply with the same; as she rubs me softly, we both yawn, slightly sleepy intoxicated by the pheromone in the air and the endorphins in our brain, we lay in the bed and examine each other’s frame; both conscious but comfortable we express, we talk, we lay, we tickle each other and play, we kiss each other and say, we kiss each other then wait, we rush each other with passionate chemicals leaping at each other’s face; we stop.

            We hold hands. We stroke each other. Our hands intertwine. I touch her tips. I take one finger and trace her lips. I massage her ring finger. She massaged my palm. Her hairs rise. Uh, yeah, my hairs rise as well. We rub. We touch. We explore. We wonder.  The soft flesh, the web between her fingers, I play with, imagination begins to spark. As we rub each other’s hand, I take my middle finger and slowly slide between her middle finger and ring finger and move it back and forth. She takes her other hand and rubs my hand. I slowly keep rubbing my middle finger between her fingers. I look her in the eyes and speed up. I see the intense gaze from across the table. I pick up speed. Our vision is locked in. I keep a constant motion, a constant rhythm, one motion, very subtle, she closes her two fingers and makes it tight around my finger as I struggle to pull it back out; insinuating she came. Waitress: Can I take your order?  Our obsessive sexual nature, oh the poor girl can smell the eroticism in the air, as she takes our order, both of us, drenched in pheromone, dripping with sex but hungry, our intended speech pattern and sexually lazy gazes has put the poor girl in a trance which messes our order up….more finger rubbing for us…but both of us are hungry and fingers can only do so much…
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