Thursday, July 31, 2014

Soul highway

You’re smile is what caused me to frown, you’re beauty is what caused me to smile, you’re vibrancy of joy is what cause me anger, all because of the beauty of opposite. Everything you are is everything I spite; everything you are is everything I want to become. Who you are can make me smile, while who I am is everything that drives you wild…the beauty of opposite. The fact that I can laugh with you and shed tears with you, that I can grow with you and grow apart from you has my definition of opposite turned around, has my thinking opposites attract doesn’t really exist. Maybe I need balance and you need stability, maybe I need stability and you need balance. Maybe we need each other and maybe we don’t, the thought of hearing, makes me feel, the thought of seeing helps me heal.

Your life crossed with my life and it seemed to be a long cross. Like two freeways running side by side, they eventually separate and take a different path but end up in the same destination with a different name; and sometimes, of those two highways ending in the same destination, one might be the same freeway with a different number. We ended in the same destination; maybe we needed the change, maybe in California they loved me as 66 but in Chicago they love me as 33, maybe you love me as 33 but couldn’t see it because in California they love me as 66, maybe everywhere you go, they love you as the 10; possibly in other parts 10 might not be so wanted but hey, you continued because both of us could not change because one of us had to recognize each other. 

A lot of times having two different routes going the same place can be a good thing. Maybe one road sees the ocean while the other experience the desert. One’s sees the mountains while the other crosses city after city, the point is the experience we share and the people we meet, are the people who journey with us and change our opinion, change our outlook and help us grow. Sometimes, even in the same destination we may never run side by side, but maybe the other highways can only connect with us two; without us two, maybe that city wouldn’t be connected, without us two maybe the city wouldn’t be; maybe I connect with you in that city and continue on; maybe our destination is not my only destination. As long as part of my road is in our destination where you end, I’m okay with that, because when my road ends, there’s always a part of me, somewhere in life that can reconnect with you again….


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