Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's get to the core of things

            There are a lot of people who have six pack abs but the question seems to still be circulating: How do you obtain a six pack? It’s funny because some of the people who have it really can’t tell you, and the ones who do have it, tell you but it’s something you may not understand because the answer might be too advanced if you’re a beginner for fitness; so this in turn leaves people doing 300 crunches and all kinds of sit-ups which yes, it’s not bad for the body but one must remember, your only making the muscle bigger not really shedding off the fat.

            So what should one do? There are a few things you can do and it may work. My cousin who’s pretty fit was the one who told me, “Just run”. I looked at him like he was crazy a few years ago…but a in those few minutes, it clicked. Just Run. As I mentioned above, sit-ups, crunches, planks, all of those core strengthening exercise are just that, they strengthen you’re core. It’s like lifting weights sure you’ll gain muscle, but will it be the lean cut “I just came off the scene of an action movie” muscle? Probably not depending on what kind of weight you lift. Heavy weights = bigger muscles and some weight/fat loss. Light weight/heavy weight combo= weight loss, muscle gain, and toning; the body combo most are looking for; however, one can lift heavy and lose weight depending on what you eat.

            I’m not going to go into the list of what one could eat because that will be a long list; but I have a post  Called Good health foods, I did back in February showing five foods that can get you started. Remember this, 70% diet, 30% workout. If you want your stomach muscle to show, just keep running. I’m not saying completely cut out sit-ups, planks, any other core exercise but eat right and go with cardio for a bit. The key is getting fat out of your mid section and cardio will do that. I know cardio sucks and when you’re jogging or running, it burns and the last thing on one’s mind is paying attention to the body but if you can, pay attention to what muscles are at work when you’re running or doing any cardio; including swimming for those who hate running. One’s abs are at constant work when running or swimming and in turn heating up the core section and burning off the fat; now if one eats right each day, you’ll start to see some results. Give it a shot…everyone’s body is different but some things are a must.

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