Sunday, August 3, 2014

Erykah Badu - I Want You

Erykah Badu: one artist that most people forgot about; Her talent, her free soul, her lyrics  were deep, poetic, sort of romantic, urban, the type of music you would want playing if you were to have a sound track to your life. When you listen to her music, you sort of imagine dive bars, poetic lounges filled with cigarette smoke, a really jazzy/cutting edge kind of it sucks that most people sort of don't acknowledge this sound. However, tonight/day, I'm going to introduce you to one of her songs off the album Worldwide underground. This album was released in September of 2003 and hit number three on the US billboard 200 while managing to sell 143,561 copies in week one...not bad. She had a hit off this album maybe some of you are familiar with called "Love of my life" which I remember they played until I wanted to take a gun and shoot the speakers, you know how radio can play something out; however other songs were not released from this album, unique songs like the one I bring to you today. So, enjoy Erykah Badu's "I want you" and please feel free to roam around "No Title" the random blog and please, pretty please click on the green links when your done. Have a nice evening/day and one love.

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