Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hip Hop Mix - Dj XS Funky, Jazzed up Soul & Hip Hop Mix - Free Download

Hip-Hop is a mix of a few different sounds. What most people don't understand about hip-hop is it takes what's already been and making it unique. I mean everything has already been done so it's kind of hard to create something brand spanking new out the blue; however, one can take sounds that they love and create something from how they would've done the song; or what if this rock song had a mellow jazz sound to it? What happens if I slow this house beat down, mix my delivery between Jay-Z and Eminem, then add my own flair? Don't be afraid to mix it up, many will criticize but let them, it's better then making cookie cutter rap. Sure there has always been one uniform sound in hip-hop no matter what era you look at, but there's also been tons of artist who came up because they sounded different from the rest, it was fresh, usually that's what kicked off that sound. Well anyways, enjoy the funky chill mix and thank you for stopping by "No Title" the random blog. Feel free to roam around, check out some other music, check my out my other writes; and don't forget, click on the green links please. One love. (Not my work, found on youtube)

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