Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mystikal - Shake It Fast

"Bitch ride a dick like she like she makin' a BABY!!!" One of the many infamous bars from Mystikal's famous song "Shake ya ass" that was released on July 18th 2000 off his 4th album, "Let's get ready". The vocals done by none other then Pharrell Willams and produced by the Npetune's landed Mystikal number 13 on the billboard hot 100 and had the whole world shakin' they ass NO style. For those who don't know, Mystikal actually got his first break of success when he was on No Limit with Master P, Silk the shocker ,C-Murder and others who made No Limit a power house. The world had not really discovered Mystikal until this song and then he followed it up with "DANGER!", another hit that made the top 20 as well. Well anyways, for TBT I present to you (since I couldn't find the dirty version) "Shake it fast." (ugh...I like the uncut version better) Well anyways, as usual thanks for stopping by "No Title": The random blog,  feel free to roam around and check out my other writes and listen to more music; also don't forget to click on the green links, Peace everyone and enjoy. (Not my music found on You tube...just making that clear)

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