Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ginuwine - In Those Jeans

For those who don't know and I'm sure there's a few people who don't know, Ginuwine recently has been posting some questionable pictures of his daughter on his IG account recently. It caused some outrage on all of social media because the pictures were pictures of his daughter surrounded around dollar bills; his wife sole, went on IG and cleared the mess up. Look I don't know their personal relationship so I'm not going to add my say so; however, I do recall Ginuwine saying he was a nymphomaniac back in the day and he was seeing a therapist for his condition. I don't support, defend, nor do I condone his behavior, but I will acknowledge the man did put out some sexy music; if you're between the age 24-35, you might remember some of his hits. So today, I present to you a jam from the summer of 2003, something that couldn't wait till TBT.... Check it out and feel free to roam around "No Title" the random blog.(Found on You Tube not my music)

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