Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo (video)

For TBT, I present to you Lupe Fiasco. The song Paris, Tokyo is a Grammy nominated third single from Lupe Fiasco's second studio album, "Lupe Fiasco's the cool." The song was released in April  of 2008  in a time when hip-hop was still bouncing. Lupe, in this song brought a new element too the table, something that didn't catch on but maybe this sound will resurface one day. As for now only thing we can do is take a step back, look out for artist like this, and maybe influence current artist, send a message to record labels that Hip-Hop is not a gimmick. So if you're sick of the radio, I gotta a jam that you might appreciate, something for you to vibe to on a Thursday, something to kick you're weekend off right, I present to you Lupe Fiasco, Paris, Tokyo. By the way, feel free to roam around "No Title" the random blog and don't forget to click on the green links, One love everyone. (Video found on You tube not my music)

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