Tuesday, July 1, 2014


            Her eyes heavy and thin frame, her exotic eyes and then her name, “Dior” she whispered, but drowned out by the noisy downtown corner; I could not hear her light voice which drew me in closer…. “Excuse me” I repeated, she laughed so sweetly and then her lips discretely, spoke in a soft tone only for me to hear her repeat to me “Dior”. As she eye fucked me, I struck her fire, lit her smoke, and she asked for my name. I told her Dean. She smiled. I smiled back. She pulled me in closer….a beautiful woman in downtown, only made me wonder was I being set up. I broke eye contact and observed my surroundings. Only me and one other hipster guy on his phone. It seemed pretty safe but the energy of Art walk can bring out the unwanted….So I focused back to those dark pools of lust, the sexual energy between us lead to a small conversation which came to an abrupt stop. She smiled and walked off. I smiled back and stood there like a jack ass. Looking at the store she just walked out, the light bulb came on.

            When I put two and two together she was already out my sight, became part of the night. I went around the corner and look who I found, standing with a sassy stand puffin’ her smoke, her look made my sex drive evoke, her hand on my shoulder made her knees a little weak, she gathered her strength then kissed me on the cheek……

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