Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two of Me

In a universe
that's vast,
there's another
me that laughs
when I cry, in
love when he's
raged, he's in
lust when I'm
on a spiritual
journey, over-
weight, when
I'm think
if I could trade
places when the
rain comes would
be stingy and
unbalance a
fate that the
he's wishing
the same so
possibly we could
trade planes, exchange
thoughts on a energy
wave with our brains,
but things would be the same
in swap positions,
maybe we have the
same journey
with different missions...

What if the
other me has
the exact life
as I do? Yet
his world is
different so
its easy to
figure out his
mess, which means
I can lift his stress
it would be good
karma to take
the weight off his
chest..In a universe
that's vast there's
another me that laughs,
another me that's
content when my mind is whimsical,
when my mind is at rest, his mind
is in distraught, lets trade
positions when times
are tough, let's make
life simple for each other
when times are rough, but
the flip side is, we have to deal
with the rough, but your rough
is my simple, so problems
seem like a bluff.

Written 11/16/14

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