Friday, September 4, 2015

Breath taking/The other side of Venus

Breath taking

I wish I
had the right
words, because
the words I
spoke were
not good enough...
she only believes
in actions but that's
just a fraction, sometimes
what you say can merely
be reaction...I hope she
understands I'm negelcting
her because she has
a man, I'd stare into
her eyes holding her
hands, I don't need
speech just some
stars and a beach
or maybe at the park
chilling under a beech,
anywhere with her would
be....everyday with her
would be.....

 The lovely side of Venus

The waves break
against the mountain
side, the moon is bright,
reflection off of the water
you know the mood is right,
the breeze hit, my arms around
you, the thunderous waves
crashing all around us, the mist
 jumps in the air and dissapates
quickly, leaving our skin a tad
moist, a tiny bit sticky, the full
moon controlling our body fluid:
just kiss me, but the moment before
the kiss is what we live for so we
simply, fight the magnet, static,
energy that clicks us, every single
gas in the air is trying to mix us
20-16-16-a-7-d-88 your name
ignites nitrogen for my oxygen,
ironic that you're breath taking...


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