Thursday, September 3, 2015

Glad to see my dick still gets hard

After 10 years
of smoking harsh
tobacco leaves,
I'm glad to see my
dick still stands when
I have to pee. I don't
know why man would
want to smoke
something that causes
impotence, why
would human beings
create something
that's posionous yet tasty and
still erect, I
still poke like
a Facebook notification,
my blood has not clotted
at my lovely prime age of
31, but smoking has to slow
down...I know I quit, fuck
you I started again, just to
quit again, just to start again, I
finally quit again...I feel like a got damn
bi polar patient...

This lovely
but deadly
stinky habit, can decrease
ones sex drive opposite
of a jack rabbit, smoking
is for the stupid some say,
but studies have shown
smokers on average have
a higher intelligence.. I guess
there is a thin line between
genius and stupidity and
it took a plant,
a plant we have to burn,
get cancer from,
and all other kind
of fucked, "my fingers
are numb and tingling"
ass backwards werid
growth disease's and
tumors that spread
like there rumors, some
of us get it but nature
is humorous...
Fuck you natural
selection and fuck
your selection, because
some of them, a lot
of them, walk around with
their lips pursed,
their heads high, stick up
their ass society...I'd rather
die instead of let my blood
line live in a fake environment...
maybe not, I want kids,
they'll just be the rebels..anyways,
glad to see my dick still gets hard. =)

Written 4/5/15

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