Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rose Petals on her feet

She said,"I hold the
towel around my waist
differently than when
I was younger, before
when the towel would
slip, you would loose
your grip and quickly
act so that your junk
you get out the shower,
hands no where near the
towel, and if the towel
slips off your hip, you
calmly reach for it, almost
as if you want the towel to
drop, as if you want me to
explore your continent...
you're slightly jaded, eyes
low you look a little faded,
but that spark still lingers,
the same spark you gave
me when you would kiss
my fingers..." I replied

"You've changed as
well, before you
were more eager
to see my towel drop,
now that I want you
to see, you seem more..
resistant to look, but
your lips biting and the
caressing of my aura,
holding back, curiling
your fingers, your
pinky is crunched up
other hand between
your legs, your panties
are bunched up,you
want me eat so you
can say we went to
brunch but, I want to
fuck you with your
feet in the air watch
your emotions
combust, rumbustious,
sweating and heavy
breathing I feel you getting
lose...I want you to come
touch, your use to the
tease, me stirring up
your needs, I keep
you on your toes but
you want me to pull
your hair on your knees,
bouncing up and down
like my dick is a trampoline...
I want this towel to drop so
your mouth can follow suit,
I want to feel your sticky
lip gloss...follow the candle
lit trail and let the rose
petals stick to your

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