Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Red light

A fluorescent bright
glow filled the dark
hot room on a  warm
summer night, with a
cool breeze lightly
scraping across the
surface of her skin,
touching spots that
were wet.... her
flushed tan, sun vibrant
skin reached out to my lips,
called them to kiss, asked
me to put the ice in my mouth
and rub her belly, rub it so only
my lips and the tip of the ice
caress her navel,enough to arch
her back, raise her hairs, curl her
toes from the light blows, cringe
her face because of the tongue
smacking below....

The red glow
engulfed her erotic
stare, it magnified
her intense gaze as
I carefully played,
kissing her lace,as
my fingers danced
around her erogenous
zone, making it a pyrogenous
environment producing melodic
moans...light touches, light brushes
above the clit that felt imaginary,
imagery, the beauty of
symmetry try'em my S-
killfully fat tongue wants to...

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