Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I don't want to
eat meat but
our bodies
were designed
to eat meat so
we can get vitamin b,
protein to help rebuild
our muscles and replinish
our brains, we eat meat
because we needed a balance
diet when we were out on the
plains. There's plenty of other
foods that contain protein, but
nothing like sinking your teeth
into the flesh, nothing like smoked
steak or corn beef that's tender and
falls apart when lightly touched by a fork,
nothing like a roast pork drowned in gravy,
but the thought that animals feel when we kill,
makes eating meat wrong? What makes us
strong can make us cry, knowing a cow
feels fear makes me shed that tear
knowing that fear is in my body only
means its recycled, so I should pray
for my prey and hope the soul is at
rest, pray that it died to keep me alive,
understand that the kill was strictly for
food and hope the soul knows,
you were not killed
for sport, you were killed
so life can continue,
you were not killed
because you did
wrong, even if you
did wrong, there's
plenty of people who walk
this earth and eat your flesh,
even if you did wrong you
don't deserve to die because
we all have made mistakes,
and we would all miss stake
if you did not reproduce...

So what am I to do?
People would
label me as a
hippy for caring,
people would say'
"its an animal, its
dumb, it doesn't
know" so something
with low intelligence
deserves to go?? If
that's the case, there's
people we should pick
off, but lets keep that
on the low....
I'm not forcing a
vegetarian or vegan
life, just understand
that animals do feel
like us, but not
sure if they understand
there's an end or maybe
they do but something isn't
right slaughtering them
until they end...I don't know...
hot links and ribs
taste good, blessing the
food feels like a
contradicting what I said
a few lines up...you wouldn't
eat your cat, dog, bunny, lizard,
or whatever pet you own, you
might eat a bear, I'm sure somewhere
someone eats elephant...maybe we are
here to push the species, which in turn
would push us to evolve..I don't know,
don't extinct a species, poachers. 

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