Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Prostitutes. Offending. Romantic. Nights.

He watched
she watched
when we were young
trying to see between
the black and white
lines, possibly see
a boob or some
kind of thrusting action,
our eyes wide open
focused on the screen
like a hawk zeroing in
on a prey using the
imagination to masturbate...
Men use visual images
Women use mental stimulant images,
Women want to control men's
sexuality while reading sexual
fantasies, Men try to dominate
women, facial fetish and cutting
off the air supply  through
deep throating or choking, for some
its fantasy for others its provoking,
but its poking at killer instincts
promoting violent thinking is
it healthy that men are beating....off
 to such grotesque sexual meetings, is
the imagination fleeting? Is the reward
center depleting? For sure porn is
deleting romantic fantasies women
read, but lusty vampires that make
you bleed or sadistic men that
make you beg and plead is
romantic if its slow, if its
caressing her every need,
quenching her dying thirst
by carefully spanking her
on her knees, that's ok
to read, okay for you to
imagine because imagination
is simply manifesting something
that you believe...aw shit he's
on some sex shit...NO.

We seem to want NO
hands in mans land,
well we want hands
if the hands are double
fisting, giving your
parts a light Indian
burn while she's
slurpping and sipping,
mouthing on the tip and
drooling on every inch,
shoving it down without even
a flinch....its nice
to have but I like
to laugh, I like to look
 at you and not think
you think this is all I
want, I do have a
high sex drive but
I prefer a long
drive, getting out
the house,
I'm active and love
what life has to give,
I love romantic moments...
I'm speaking for men, I'm
speaking for those of us who
don't have a voice but feel a
feminine energy within....At first
we wanted what was on our t.v. screen or
computer projected, we realized we could
get our nut off without being rejected, but
at some point you realized that's only
an image, before you began to ask
who are these women? Just a face
and no mind, for those who
say we don't have souls, try getting fucked a few times
and see if you feel sublime when the person
doesn't even realize you're more than a good time...

We all like the tease, we
all love the rush, without
touch our skin wouldn't
activate the endorphin's that
we love, so they've created
an industry to simulate that
feeling when you're lonely, when
all you need is to hold
someone closely, rub them on
their back to make them feel
relax, soft music playing, to
calm them down, soothe
the beast in their soul, retard
the growl in their throat, direct
the passion inside, direct it out
of their boat, that's lust
in the heart, not love on the
mind, that's busting a
nut with no hands
on the grind, We
are missing the moments,
offending the nights,
missing the moon light
while holding hands
next to candle light, miss
being silly and laughing at stupid
shit, we're replacing it with fucking
instead of being intimate....

Prostitutes. Offending. Romantic. Nights.

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