Monday, December 14, 2015

Untitled XII

When we meet people, we meet them in different stages in life; keep that in mind when you find yourself judging others. One should take the time to a know a person before they decide to place them in a category that person does not belong in. I've met good people in bad situations were the only choice they can make is the best worse decision, a decision even in the bad, they were still looking for the good. I've met bad people in good situations. One has to ask, Are there really bad people? Do we take time to observe a situation? Do we take in the moment? The people I've met who are "bad" in a good situation abuse their position because of constantly losing. When do we take the time to understand? Why do we feel a need to single people out, demonize, or make one feel like a villain? We all have a past, we have experienced pain to some degree so how is it we easily forget? We don't forget, the tide changes and we roll with it. It takes three weeks for our
brains to set up pathways and get use to a routine, all it takes is a shift in vision and change, you give an angry person that power and you have three weeks of hell; watch who you give your power to.

"Are there really bad people?" is something I keep asking because all 7 billion of us have this thing called ego. If someone is forcing their ways or views on you, a country, world, one has as tendency to take defense;  you may not share the same vision, however, have you ever thought about playing, toying with the ideal? Why ignore what the next person has to say? we all have opinions and want to be heard, all of us could be heard but not all of us have sure fire resolutions, just small solutions that add to the bigger picture. What if Villains are something we've created to make us unite? Its human  to blame someone, it makes us come together, have a common thought, commonality; yet I don't think we understand, we are all connected. What I'm saying could be far fetched and I'm not saying that to make you agree, I'm saying that because I realize what I'm saying and I'm still questioning myself, still learning. What's your opinion?

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