Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Untitled X

I hate when I think too hard on a simple situation. I've realized I'm going to make mistakes and its better to make the mistakes with a free flowing mind verses being to aware of a situation and fucking up; (which come to think of it, being to aware is a mistake) LOL mistakes aren't embarrassing, they're bundles of knowledge used in the wrong scenario. =) With that said, something was born in a mistake, more choices, maybe the right direction, possibly a different pathway in the brain. Think about it like this, we say God is perfect and when looking at some animals or people, we can see that's a far cry; however is it? Take the blob fish for example. It has a humanish face, with the body of a fish like someone took the human head and merged it with a fish. Strange as shit, for sure a "mistake" or possibly perfection. There's knowledge in our mistakes because it's something we created, birthed, gave air to, our own little big bang sort of....

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