Monday, August 31, 2015


She leaned on her friend
on a hot summer night,
she didn't want to go
because the last time she
went out, it wasn't a good night.
Her friend what a good friend pushed,
helped her pick out  an outfit, made her
feel special. The woman was beautiful but
she couldn't see. Her friend envied her
looks but she couldn't see, all she could
see was her flaws, but her friend saw a person
 that enthralled with her speech, hypnotized
with her beauty, walked with a strut, flipped her
hair with pride and a stance that was suicide: it was killer.
Dressed in their best, dolled up, perfume loud
it lingered as they walked through the piss stained
city, the wind carried their perfume and covered up
the shit stains, opened up new pathways in the
brains of the disdain and lingered between the
buildings, wrapped around the block and
spewed into the streets...

They owned the night,
heels clacking, arms locked,
sun glasses on at night...the
insecure friend leans over and
says, "I'm not comfortable, I can't see."
Her friend replied, "girl, just follow my lead.
A few guys flirt, some just stare, then some
girls walked by saying, "They look ridiculous
wearing sun glasses at night" the two wearing sun glasses
at night turned around, the insecure girl says, "
I'm blind, however I can see you ladies are ugly"
She removes the glasses only for them to see, she
can't see...

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