Monday, August 10, 2015

Pharaoh reincarnated

My clothes normal, in life I
take orders, everything
about me is average but I,
I am still royalty. I'm attracted
to such beautiful and lavish
things, but my money doesn't
allow me to spend, I'm attracted
to women who want men that can
take care for them but my position
will not let me, but I, I am still royalty.
My manners say otherwise, my taste
in clothes, my scents are loud and can
fill a room, my inner royalty laughs at the
outlandish, but inside, I dread because I
know those days are dead...

For me to come back to life, with much knowledge,
to be ahead, to know I am Pharaoh
and ruled the world, to see people still
gravel at my legendary history while I work
a 9-5 in this life is humbling but I, I am still
royalty...The Gods have punished me for
being arrogant in my past, so in todays
world people mock me and laugh, I bow
my head not out of shame...for they don't know what
the next life holds...out of anger I lash and
curse the sky,
they hear me praying,
they hear me cry, but I'm
paying for my sins, I'm in
debt...Whenever something
seems right, things I can
fix, the Gods bless someone
else with my gifts...I'm
not hear to be lavish they
said, we will take care of
you they said...

This is not your
past, our message
is your present they is in a dark
age, you ruled the world
when it was in a golden
age, a time when royalty,
rich, and humble stood in the
same sentence...Today's world
is ran by greed, hate, and arrogance,
something you are familiar with...
your eyes are fresh, your wisdom
inexhaustible, your power natural,
your leadership superb, you are
Pharaoh, you have walked among
us, we have kissed you on the lips
and created your life from our spit,
you are of me, I am not of you....
humble pharaoh...let people know
your profound knowledge...The
message in their DNA...3,3,3,3
rrtnd, reqw, ttzay-ggn3, 3,3nc,
3, know the message...

Written 7/21/15

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