Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gods at War

To be atheist means
I don't believe in myself,
to be atheist means I don't
believe in you...I've lost
trust in mankind, so I've
lost trust in myself, if I make
sense and I'm common,
how come I don't trust man,
how come I don't trust the
common knowledge? I don't
follow religion nor do I think
its wrong, I don't chastise
those who choose to praise
God...the creator he made,
the creator she saves, the
creator has made mistakes...
but those mistakes is our fate,
a stumble that still came out
perfect as if it was meant...we
were made in his image, we
speak what we want into
existence that why spells
are seen as evil, but spells
are nothing but speech, its
how we feel when we
speak, words can be
flat but our voice can be

I can't be atheist
because I believe
in myself but I don't
understand when I choose
you change, when I'm
comfortable you bring pain,
when at war you seem timid,
when we war all the heavens
feel it, the earth feels it when we
strike, we don't draw blood we shed
tears, we inflict internal pain but pain is
growth, for us to grow closer...we don't like
our skin tones so we war with each other, but
don't realize we're all mixed, we all mix,
and a mix becomes one, at one is at peace,
so to war with each other will quickly decrease...
we use colors to separate but to be the same we
agree, but we needed to evolve into
different races so we could go to war and see...we
are God, not the creator....

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