Friday, August 14, 2015

Is it future humans or ghost?

I do believe ghost, spirits, angels, whatever you call them to be real. I do believe spirits get trapped between dimensions for whatever reason and they sometimes through message can influence the decisions we make in life; however, it’s time for mankind to start believing in man again. I completely understand the dislike towards mankind because we humans do some really stupid things; we make mistakes. I can never judge a man unless I’ve walked a mile in his shoes is what rings in my head. I have judged a man before and this probably won’t be my last because I am human; however, I can’t lose hope in mankind. The mistakes we make, that’s our successes. I believe our spirits, angels, ghost whatever you want to call them, sends us messages and we choose to receive them and we choose to make that action. The message may be a bad one but a bad message could be making way for someone to do really good; it’s a war between bad and good in the cosmos.

            I believe we have the power to choose our own future, to see the future. In some sense, you have to ask what is the future? We know it’s an unknown time that’s ahead or is it? I want you to think about it like this, while we are in this shell, everything has to be in a solid in order for us to know it’s real. We have to touch, see, feel, hear, or taste to know it’s real. Usually when we imagine things, we say it’s not real because it’s in our head but for us to imagine it, it has to be real, some combination has allowed you to dream up or think a thought. For example, if you’re hungry and you say you want a burger, that burger at the current time isn’t real, you can imagine it’s real because you know it is but it’s not in your hands so technically it’s not real. How do we shape our future? Well, and I could be wrong but that burger you asked for started as a thought, thought is nothing but an energy, inside this meat shell we posses, is a spirit, an energy, and our thoughts portray that. Once thought is born, its projects out into the universe through sound if you speak it into existence; vibration if you keep it as a thought. Once it’s out there, its starts to create an environment for you to obtain what you’re asking for. So if you want a burger, there’s a lot of things that may come with that because before you were asking for that burger, you might’ve been asking for love, you may have had some negative thoughts, you may have been asking for money, tons of things you may have been thinking before you thought about that burger will play out in this environment. The same day you get that burger, you might meet the love of your life. In order for that to happen, the universe needed to create an environment; a way for you to meet her/him.

            I wanted to quit smoking. Every time I lit up a cigarette, I would always drop my cigarette, or I would lose my pack, or everyone at the bar would bum off me, something would happen; but every time I lit up, my thought in the back of mind was I want to quit. It could’ve been my future self, my own energy traveling back in time,to knock the cigarette out of the hand of the March version of me,  the current me of today August 14th, made quitting happen with help from my Angels. Energy goes first, what you put out moves faster, so one’s positive energy creates days, months, years in advance, once that time arrives is when it takes solid form: the present. =)  In some sense, mankind is their own ghost because we have energy we put out…think about it like lightning and thunder, our energy is the lightning, thunder is our five senses, the human form. You understand what I’m saying? Last week’s thoughts become today’s reality; we can predict the future based on our thoughts.

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