Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Aliens won't visit us

Alien won't visit us because we
treat others who are different harsh;
we don't understand each others ways.
We would rather wallow in a small bubble
of thinking instead of opening up the mind and
entertaining a brief thought for the evening. We like
to judge and critique, bash and laugh at the cost
of others unique and weird takes on life...we don't
find time because we simply don't have time to
pick the brain of strangers, yet we have time to
browse profiles and leave elaborate,
sometimes ignorant responses because we
have tricked our responses. A computer screen,
a phone screen has no emotion, no cue or signal
to tell you, "you're pushing to far" thus it makes
me wonder does man know right from wrong?
Jokes are jokes and some jokes are harsh, no need
to get butt hurt but words have meanings and glass
screens act as mirrors that's why Aliens fear us....

To understand an Alien
would be like speaking
to men who lived in the
times of Jesus, so I guess
current and past would
both be alien. Our
technology would baffle
them, probably have us beat
to death for doing magic...
now take that same logic, and the
same response today would arise if
advanced beings were to come down...
its like we never advanced....

Written 4/13/15

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