Tuesday, February 4, 2014


People like to roll you up and smoke you, look at you, smell you, go to work with you in their system, drive with you, transport you, sell you, break you down, go to jail for you, go to war for you, and even kill for you. All you want to do is spread peace and love. Sometimes, you spread paranoia and make some act a little funny. Mary Jane, you’re evil. People like you. You make people feel good, you help people with cancer, you help people with diabetes, and you help people with depression. Mary Jane you’re evil. All the reason’s above make you evil. You’re the girl that leads to an alternative life style and that is bad.

            Mary Jane, you slow people down, make them sit on the couch, and ruin their life. I’ve heard you make people hungry and make them think outside the box. Mary Jane you are taboo and acceptable at the same time. Mary Jane you’re an oxymoron. Mary, you like to play tricks on people’s mind and make them think one thing, then make them forget what they were thinking about to begin with. Mary you stop people from getting jobs, you stop people from making wise decisions, you make people relapse in time, look how many things you make people do. Mary you make people do all kinds of things they didn’t ask for. 

Mary Jane you are so evil. You make people talk bad about you and they deny you. Mary Jane I’ve seen you on the ballot, they tried to make you a citizen of the United States so you could stop sneaking over the border. I guess people don’t mind you sneaking over the border and troubling our youth. Mary, the more they fight against you and your taboo life style, the more you appear to sneak. Mary, you’re a popular girl, to some people, you’re a pretty girl. I’ve seen you on the cover of magazines and in the comfort of the rich and famous; however, Mary they say you’re a downer. I assume it’s because you know, like I know, if they stop rejecting you and you become the accepted, you won’t be the popular girl on the block. As you can see, you’re accepted in two states and now Molly is becoming the new girl. You’re no longer the trendy girl. If they keep your life taboo, like they intended, they figured they could keep your dangerous friends away. They hate you because you’re a drug, love you because you’re a helpful drug, hate you because you’re a gateway drug, but love you because you’re a harmless drug. As long as you were evil and made people useless, you served good; but since you’ve become helpful, you’ve become evil; you’ve become evil because you’re taboo life is not taboo anymore and now it’s opened the door for other drugs to become the new taboo…Mary Jane you’re evil.  


  1. Nice. Although, from the very first line I was reminded of the song Money Jane, by Kardinal Of fish all. Not sure where you're from, but in case you've never heard of it, it was pretty big when I was in high school like, a decade ago. Man, I'm getting old. Lol

  2. Ruby! Thanks for commenting! =) I'm from Los Angeles but I have family all around the US. Some in the NY/NJ area, some in Chicago, my brother is in Atlanta, I think my cousin is still in Florida, he was raised in Miami, and I have some newly found family in Louisiana. I've been to all of those place I mentioned and I've come across a lot of different sounds and I think I heard this one when I was in Miami. And know you don't sound old, I graduated in 2003. =) We are in the same age bracket. =) How you doing today?