Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mansa Musa

I AM KING! Mansa, Musa reign don’t mean to be vein but I’m still the richest man to this day, $400 billion I’m worth, I’m still the wishes man of today. My empire still stands, I did this without no plan, a 14th century king of Africa I’m still that man, today’s music even emulates, better yet I innovate the renegade selling drugs to their own so they can simulate, renovate the king so his blood line can delegate, but us killing each other only means I never elevate…’s a weakness, I’m speaking from the grave so I can speak this, this bleakness,  expose my people to this outrageous human weakness, King of Mali yeah, people that’s my uniqueness, critique this, I shut Egypt down because of my gold, diamonds, I got rich off of my climate, even during war they couldn’t hold me because my regal attitude defined confinement, I am KING!

I am loud even during silence, because my spirit is loud like a lion, people from around the world were intimidated including the tyrants, I helped the Egyptians with their science, lined up the pyramids because my brain was the highest ion; stone hedges  with African features on exotic Islands, THAT IS ME! I am KING! Please hear me roar! Why are my decedents’ poor, this is strange to me, I’m the richest man alive but my people complain to me? What is this? Mali had rich resources, when I entered into lands all you heard was loud trumpets and horses, people bowed to my feet and gasped at my wardrobe, shimmery, shinning bright my gold crown was tilted, only because the seasons changed and my crown pointed to the star that peeled us…. I AM KING MANSA MUSA…

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