Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I needed to look at
you so I could turn
to stone, I needed
 to be harden by
you instead of jaded
by the world, your eyes
cold, but your intentions warm,
when you stare at men you
turn them into stone; but not
in the literal make
them hard so the world doesn't
crack them, there's bigger
monsters in the sea so if need be,
they can spring into action, people
back stab and use your weakness
against you, but you my dear lady,
you turned me to stone.. you made me
rock, you applied pressure, which sprung
out a diamond, you looked me in the eyes
 and opened up enlightenment, ironic for a
woman who turned me to stone, would be the
same woman who made me shine bright when
alone, but you knew I'd be lonely, so you turned me
to stone, pausing happy moments on my path so in life
 I carry on, you engraved beauty inside my stone heart
to show love...Medusa you turned me to stone.

written 5/22/15

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