Thursday, November 6, 2014

149 mistakes

1+4+9= 14 mistakes, each and every post, each and every breathe I took, each poem I wrote, my stories, my reviews, my music equals out to 14 mistakes, each word misplaced, my punctuation erased when it should’ve been placed instead of that space, my 149 mistakes…1+4+9 =14 mistakes or 14 messages that were not meant to be revised, meant to flow, meant to be deciphered into the readers mind, let it digest into the cerebral so they can interpret the words on a level I may never reach, unless I’m there, and didn’t even know it, its apart of my 149 mistakes to my knowing….1+4+9 = 14 mistakes but to  the 5% nation it equals power or refinement, power is force or creative energy, so consider me the 5%, since my 149 post lead me to this fine consent of the 5 percent, my mind it went, into a winding, creative, terrain of words, so stopping to edit, wanting to edit, looking to review, take away the vision I have for you…my, 149 mistakes, 1+4+9 = 14 mistakes, each and every post, every breathe I took, each poem I wrote out the heart, laid my heart on the keys, so it could unlock all of my emotion onto the screen, and vibrate into you energy stream….ya feel me, ya see me, you want me…

The sexual and sensual, romanticized and intimate, passion that sends you in, a roller coaster of emotions as you cruise through my blog or skim through this poem, read through this write, you get to see my mistakes, my long windless writes, match my endless nights, of watching the stars twinkle bright and feel the quite of the dark, my thoughts loud and my pictures even bigger, if I was an artist I would draw you a picture, but I’m an artist so my 1,148,756 page views is just a small image, because if you ask others if  they’ve heard of No Title it’s like a oil tanker on the horizon, small in the distance of the vast open sea, big when you’re close… I’m humble….my 149 mistakes

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