Monday, January 6, 2014

The lesson: Water vs Mountain part 9

Mr. Mountain sees that River is starting to get through to him. Ms. Ocean, with all of her furry, lines up 10 storms and each storm extremely vicious are heading for Mr. Mountain. In the distance, you see the black clouds, the lightning dancing in the sky and thunder so loud it sounds like bombs going off in the distance. Mr. Mountain stands tall and bold. He watches the last of the sunset. He thinks to himself, “I love her so much but she hates me…why does she hate me? I only loved her mom, why does she hate me!?! Why does she FUCKING HATE ME!?! He shakes again, he stops shaking and then gathers all of the cold air from the stop and he quickly pushes down. He pushes the cold wind towards the powerful storms and the storms get blown back over the ocean. 

On both sides of him, the leeward and windward side, he pushes the cold air down at a face rate. The wind does not have a chance to warm up on either side. The air is cold. Mr. Mountain sent down air from his peak that was -56 degrees and it only warmed 10 degrees by the time it hit sea level. The warm air that was down below warmed it up to a little bit but it was -40 degrees. Mr. River who was steady at work didn’t even realize what was going on until he slowly began to lose energy. He all of a sudden felt tired and felt everything was slowing down, than he realized he was starting to freeze. With his last bit of energy and determination, he turned into ice between the cracks. 

The rest of the river, the lake and anything in that region started to freeze. The winds were loud, cold and harsh; it was early December now and winter started two week early. Mr. Mountain was mad, upset, hurt and vengeful. His daughter, Ms. Ocean kept sending storms but he would as usual, force all of her storms to his highest peak and they would die. He would take his winds blow them back to her, and like clockwork, Ms. Ocean would get her creations back and with more anger, re-create them and send them back. Eventually Ms. Ocean, the aggressive side was starting to get tired. It was two weeks from winter and she had been attacking her father since March  non-stop. Mr. Mountain would not let up. The lands below him stayed cold. He showed no remorse. Mr. River knew all he had to do was wait it out. As he sat there frozen between the rocks, it gave him some time to think. 

In between those rocks, he began to worry. He started thinking what if by the time spring shows up, I won’t have the power or energy to create what I did. He thought to himself, this is the mountain trying to break me. Mr. River changed his energy and focused on one thing and one thing only, getting through this mountain. What was fall turned into a winter. Mr. Mountain had not let up. It had been at least 2 weeks since the lands below felt any kind of heat. It was cold and anything that dare cross this desert would not make it. A few of miss oceans storms made it over the mountain tops but they only dropped snow; some days, it was so cold, it couldn’t snow.

Ms. Ocean was upset. She felt she had failed. All of her 10 storms that were sent, three of them produced snow. It was enough to hold off on. The winds in the region picked up the snow and whipped it around. The visibility was impossible. There were days the region was under a massive white out. Mr. River, stuck between the cracks had not moved in weeks. The war he started is the war that Mr. Mountain intended to finish. One day, the winds died down…
To be continued… 

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