Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Set a Blaze: Water vs Mountain vs Fire part 12

            Bounce, Bounce, roll, roll, the cigarette stopped at a pile of leaves. The still air caused the cigarette smoke to float in a straight line. The cigarette was constant on the pile of leaves it had rolled to. As the cherry from the cigarette sat there, it slowly began to burn down to the filter. The cherry eventually fell into the pile and found as nice niche to burn in. It was covered from the elements, but just enough oxygen, just enough dry leaves for something to happen. The cherry smoke was hot, the sun beamed bright on the dry leaves, the air starting to become restless as if it smelled the cigarette smoke; every few minutes a light breeze would pass by nothing too crazy.

            Mr. River still flowing but weak knew at some point he was going to make it through Mr. Mountain, actually he was starting to think, this may have been a bad idea. The year that he had been there, he tried not to look around as much but it was impossible not to. Exhausting his army, he one more time told them, “Ask Ms. Ocean for something, I don’t care if it’s just a sprinkle, we need something.” When he looked back, he realized there were parts of the army that was almost gone; he had knew this, being the head of the army, he knew because his power had dwindled to that of a man hitting the wall; maybe a tad stronger. The message was passed down the trail. A week had gone by and still, nothing, nothing but bright sun and blue skies. 

At the top, Mr. Mountain and water were conversing. Mr. Mountain, why won’t you let your daughter see her child? Because water, I love my daughter, yet she hates me. I love you all. I mean I do have some say so in this right? I mean if anything, Ms.Ocean looks just like me and those are my grand kids, our grand kids… boy, you got a head as hard as a rock. Well look at me water. Water, you and I have something special, you freeze on me, sometimes you melt, you feed the animals, you water the plants, you keep the air moist, you sustain life and make the seasons work, you and I  have this perfect harmony but our daughter, psh! If she could, she would engulf me. All she wants to do is DESTROY me. I can’t have that…where are my humans suppose to live?? You’re humans Mr. Mountain? The reason why you daughter is so mad at you is because of your “PRECIUIOS” humans! I mean seriously, do you think she creates all of these super storms because she wants to?? NO! They pollute her mind with all this trash and oil her up only to kill what’s inside of her….do you remember thousands and thousands of years ago when me Ms. Ocean use to harmonize with you? I mean she’s always clashed with you but it was different from today. Today her force has become powerful and one day she just might engulf you…your allowing it to happen. 

Water I’m not allowing anything to happen. We have a duty as nature and that’s to sustain life; not destroy it. Well look whose calling the tea kettle black. I recall at a certain point of time when you destroyed life. I mean, how do you think we got up here? Water asks. Well that’s different.  I came up her out of love looking for you because you disappeared on me. I didn’t leave you, it was climate change. I missed you so much when the climate changed. Well maybe the climate changed because it was time for me to grow, did you ever think about that? Yes I did Mr. Mountain calm down; it’s not your fault. Well actually it is you fault because, without it out mountains could have not came about she laughs. I don’t get it? Because you’re a fault line and your Mr. Mountain…no? Mr. Mountain rumbles a little. Ok calm down no need for an Earthquake. No I didn’t get upset; something feels really hot at the surface. 

It’s probably the mantel below. See, this is why humans are bad. They litter into our daughter, she has those chimney pipes at the bottom and she just sucks up all that trash and it goes into the earth core, some things don’t belong in there…you know, I wonder sometimes. No water it didn’t come from the core, I can feel it on the surface. What is that? Mr. Mountain, I think it’s a dust storm. It looks like dust from up here. Can dust burn? “Can dust burn?” Come on you’ve been around--- FIRE! HOLY CRAP! IT’S FIRE! I NEED TO GET DOWN THERE NOW!! I HATE THAT MOTHER FUCKER!!! NOW MR. MOUNTAIN!!  Whoa water calm down.

            Mr. River is beginning to lose speed and the fire is blazing. The fire flames have grown from 5ft to about 15 ft. The fire is starting to spread. Thanks to all the storms that have been trying to clear, only wind has cleared the mountain peaks and they have spawned fire. Mr. River yells, “Tell Ms. Ocean, we need her NOW! The fucking enemy is here. The message gets passed down with as much speed as possible. Mr. River has gained some momentum due to the fire. The fire blazing in glory gets close to the river but the wind pushes it back. Mr. River yells, “Come on mother fucker! You don’t have the balls to get close enough I’ll put you out with one wave. Fire responds, “You’re a weak little river. I could probably cross you with no problem. Come on boys!” He yells to the fire trail. Realizing that Fire was probably right, Mr. River had a different plan. He yells, “We don’t need rain! The trail looks at him, “What?!!” Sir, we need rain. No we don’t. We need wind, then rain…I think this plan might work. Mr. River yells at Mr. Mountain, “I’m coming for you!!” Mr. Mountain, in your wildest dreams, you’re not even strong enough to put out the fire! Water responds Mr. Mountain Let me down there, or let my DAUGHTER’S CHILDREN PASS OVER!  FIRE IS OUT OF CONTROL! No, I want to see what Mr. River is made of. 

What!?! Are you fucking kidding me!?! You want to see what Mr. River is made of!?! Are you out of your continent smashing fucking mind!?! Water, leave me alone. No because the last time I did that, you decided you wanted to grow… in a winey voice she mocks Mr. Mountain, “Oh I missed you. So I grew this high and large so I could see you.” You big fucking wuss! Come on! ENOUGH! Mr. Mountain begins to shake. An Earthquake happens which makes the fire grow larger. A wind storm starts to kick up. The wind begins to accelerate the fire and the fire has now grown to 50ft flames and the speed has increased. The fire starts to charge towards the mountains and the wind storm grows the fire to 100ft tall. Mr. River, covered in smoke is still flowing but the heat from the fire combined with the already hot air was making Mr. River lose power.

            Mr. River still flowing, he kept at that crack. Mr. Mountain yelled at Fire come on you pussy! You’ll never be as tall as me. Just then the wind speed picked up and broke fire off into a fire tornado. The fire tornado about 200 ft tall spun towards the mountain at a high aggressive speed and the fire clashed into the mountain side. Fire clenched the mountain side and aggressively started up Mr. Mountain. Mr. Mountain pushed a strong cold wind down his side which clashed with the hot wind below. Mr. Mountain NO!!  STOP! If you keep doing that, you’re going to cause something much worse. I need to combat with fire! I don’t have time to worry about conditions down below! Water in the form of clouds, cleared the clouds away and let the sun shine on her ice. “What are you doing?” Mr. Mountain asked. I’m unthawing. Because? Because your being a stubborn prick and I need to communicate with the other trails of water…you got a problem with that? Or are you going to let our daughter storms come over. Nope. Well, then I’ll do what I have to. Well do it. The sun shines bright on the ice. The sun being closer to earth since it was summer, was melting ice at a fast rate. She began to drip and turned into water. This lasted for a week…

To be continued…

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