Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Powerful triump: Water vs mountain part 10

One day the winds died down. As the winds began to slow down, the temperature day by day by day began to rise and began to feel life come back. Mr. River was slowly coming out of a hardened form and he was back! It was about 50 degrees in the day time and about 30 at night. It was perfect weather. After being bunched in that crack for a month almost two, he was slowly feeling the energy come back and the army, the rest of the river seemed refreshed. The crack between the mountain was wider and as they gained momentum, they started at the mountain little by little. The land was a tad different. There was more water. The storms that Ms. Ocean had sent were good enough.

            Mr. River and his army had a new found power. They wore at that crack harder than they did a month ago. As the days went by, they noticed the temperature would increase. Mr. River noticed by the third day that it was actually hot outside; the temp was in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. Mr. River found it odd but kept at his usual tactic. He kept pushing Mr. Banks further out and determined to carve into the mountain. Then it hit Mr. River like boulders crashing into him, it was still winter. He wasn’t sure what was going on. He sent the message down his winding path of an army and out to his new soldiers telling Ms.Ocean to send more storms. In a few hours, there were clouds at the peaks. They passed over and it began to rain. Mr. River felt more power and was starting to rage. Ms.Ocean sent another storm, a storm that would flood the region. The storm was sent over lower mountain peaks a little further from Mr. River but it was still a great assistance. 

Mr. River was a full blown roaring rapids and the crack he was working at was getting wider. Mr. River kept asking for more storms. Ms. Ocean kept sending them and they kept clearing the mountain peaks. Mr. River was feeling powerful. Mr. Banks at this point had no chance. Mr. River was moving him with an incredible force. The next day, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. It was noticeable but nothing to worry about Mr. River thought, just in case, maybe we should get more water. So he asked Ms. Ocean for more rain. She sent another storm.

            He felt that was good enough for now.  Mr. River was on a mission and his mission was to prove Mr. Mountain wrong. He asked for more storms. Ms Ocean said no. Not believing the answer, he asked Ms Ocean for another storm and she said no again. Ms. Ocean had never seen her father Mr. Mountain just give up. In some sense, she felt bad. Deep down in her “ocean” heart, at the bottom, the part she covered that was him, she knew  at anytime she could rise up against her father but she never did, in some sense, the hatred she spewed at him, was an enjoyment and normal interaction with her father. 

              She didn’t mind going back and forth, tic for tac with her father; she didn’t want to destroy him but it’s almost in her nature to do so; she’s water. Mr. River grew furious that Ms. Ocean was not corresponding and he was shocked. He was shocked that she wasn’t taking advantage of the situation. Mr. River kept going at the crack. He figured his Army was big enough and the expansion was starting to look beautiful. What now Mr. Mountain!?!  What now Mr. Banks!?! Look at me! You, Mr. Banks, you’ve been pushed back and you told me, I couldn’t become a Lake but look at my beautiful spawn off. That over there, is ME! As for you Mr. Mountain, I’m going to split you WIDE open sir; you’ll see. Mr. River kept digging into the crack, slowly wearing the side away and widening the gap. Every day and Every night, he flowed heavily and steadily at that crack. He was determined and he knew nothing was going to stop him…

            To be continued…


  1. Interesting storyline. I need to go back and read from the beginning.

  2. Thank you Helena...=) I think you might Like it...it's not your average characters but it's has your everyday emotions. Hope you like... =)