Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monsters under the bed

As night time falls, and your child grow’s sleepy, you put them to bed and read them a bed time story; some of them, you just probably talk to about their life and how they feel…I’m not sure because I’m not a parent yet, I’m only assuming. As they begin to fall asleep, you quietly leave and turn the light out. As you begin to yawn and realize you’re feeling tired yourself, you head to your room and lie down in your bed. The room is kind of warm, an uncomfortable warm but something one can bare with. You get up, turn the fan on and all is better. As you go lie back down, you grab the remote, turn the television on and plop down on the bed; you bounce on the bed and feel the fan hit your warm semi sweaty skin; you exhale and just lie there. 

A tad bored but more sleepy then bored, you reach for you cell phone and text someone. You throw the phone down and pick up the remote. You begin surfing through the channels but nothing is on; you finally go back to the news channel. You reach for your phone to see if that person ever text you back, but of course, no. As your boredom begins to grow into frustration or restlessness, you go on facebook, scroll through your newsfeed, like a few photos, comment on the person’s update who you text, just for them to comment back a few seconds ago; what the fuck? But you can’t return a text?? You put your phone down not even replying to the post, feeling some kind of content because they couldn’t reply to your text, you laugh. 

The second sigh comes, the second yawn comes, and here comes that exhale. Pick up the remote, change the channel again and you come across something less depressing and more entertaining than the news. The fan blows in your direction again and it feels awesome; you get up and set the fan on only you; not carrying about your spouse when he/she decides to come to bed, it’s all about you at the moment. The fan constantly on you feels good and sleep start’s to take over; your eyes began to close and SUDDENLY you jerk yourself awake. FUCK!  The temporary spike of anger gives in to the sedative trance you’re body was just in. Calmly and slowly you fall back a sleep, and this time you fall hard; you began to dream you’re falling and at the moment you don’t care because the dream of falling is symbolic in your dream to falling asleep. 

The feeling stops and the bed shakes. It shakes at a calm rolling feeling, something similar to being on a ship or similar to a constant rocking feeling. You began to dream that you’re having fun on a cruise ship; your on the deck, drinking a Mai Tai or having a refreshing beer, you know, the beer that comes in a nice mug and it’s so cold that the glass is sweating and each sip, each mug you drink is so refreshing there’s no wonder why you’re drunk; that type of beer. The sun is out, the birds are flying above, the ocean is calm but there’s nobody on the deck. A tad eerie, but none the less relaxing you go back to your comfortable position. An hour goes by and you haven’t heard one voice. Thinking to yourself, maybe I should get up, you get up. 

As you walk around sipping from your drink, you began to wonder, where the hell is everybody? In the distance you see someone and realize it’s you’re better half. Babe! You scream out. “Hey, I’ve been looking for you” they say. You respond “Illic ‘monstra sub lectulum meum” What? You repeat it again looking just as confused. Babe I can’t understand you, can you repeat it again. So you do. “Illic ‘monstra sub lectulum.” Your better half looks at you and still, not sure what your trying to say. Babe, are you okay? I’m fine, you respond in English. As you stand there, you try to walk but you can’t, over and over you began to repeat in latin, “Illic monstra sub lectulum, Illic monstra sub lectulum, Illic monstra sub lectulum, ILLIC MONSTRA SUB LECTULUM! As your chant grows louder, you hear your child. You stop.

Quickly, you wake up sweating and out of breathe; as your trying to catch your breath, you turn around and walk back to your bed.  Suddenly, you hear your child kind of scream; you turn back around and run to your kid’s room. What’s wrong? I had a dream we were on a cruise ship with nobody around and you were possessed by the devil. Aww shit…

                                                          HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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