Monday, October 14, 2013

A Snake Slither / the Reflection of a still Water pond

When we cut the grass we normally find what were searching for. Usually we keep it or rid it. In still water, reflections move, in still water, it reflects a double image, not allowing for the person to tell which one is real and which is not. It becomes a mirror more than image; a way for one to lose their self and not know what is up from down.  A snake slither, the reflection of a still water pond. I had a dream, were I dressed up to make myself look like a fool. In the dream, I wore sky blue polyester bell bottoms, a sky blue polyester sports coat that matched the pants; I had tons of Jewelry on and one of my chains broke. Disappointed, I just so happen to walk into the Jewelry store that popped up. I walk in and ask the guy, could he fix this. He laughed at me. I couldn’t figure out why. I looked in the reflection and saw I had this ridiculous hair style; I couldn’t make it out but didn’t have time to fix it; nor did I care.

So after he finish laughing which seemed to last for about an hour, he said okay let me get you someone. I said cool. I was serious. My sky blue polyester bell bottoms, and my sky blue sports coat, and I had on some sky blue Jordan’s; for those who know the shoe, I think they were 15’s but they were scuffed and dirty, nothing clean about these shoes at all. The guy comes back with this bitchy woman. She looks at me and says, “What do you want?” with a look of disgust on her face. I told her, I wanted to fix my chain, it broke. She rolled her eyes and walked away. I was upset and hurt. The guy, still laughing, came back into my view and said, “Well pimp daddy, it looks like we won’t be fixing your chain; however, we do have this chain right here. This would go lovely with your collection you have around your neck. He laughed. I looked at it. It was this big, shinny, gold herringbone necklace. He said still laughing, you can’t afford this. So check it, you can buy this one. He pulls out a big, shinny, gold herringbone necklace. It was so identical, I wondered if he even pulled out a different one. How much I asked? He said one dollar and continued to laugh. Ok. So I reached into my baby blue polyester bell bottom pants pocket and gave him a dollar. He laughed and in this pimp voice said nice doing business. I put the chain on and walked out. I walked out into what appeared to be Queens New York. I was Confused because I was in Los Angeles when I walked in the store. I walked down the street. I approached this plaza I had seen before but not in Queens; I had seen it in another dream before which took place in Queens. In that plaza, there’s a Puerto Rican restaurant and a Mexican restaurant as well. I looked at it and acknowledge I’ve been here before four years ago in my dreams. 

I walk into Mc Donald’s and sat down on the bench. The nice cool air condition felt so refreshing. Upon relaxing, I realized I had a BBQ stain on my white ruffle collared shirt. So odd. I was one step away from sounding like a--- the girls looked up laughing at me. It was a group of women at a table. One get’s up and walks towards me with a smile on her face. She tells me, “You’re fucking ugly”. She continues to degrade me and talk about me. The other woman walks up and does the same. This continues to happen. All four of them are now screaming at me and finally an odd silence. They sit down. They had a look of fear. I told them I was the devil. 

They had so much fear and I told them I believe in God, but look at me. I’m the worst image of the devil. What does that tell you? They began to cry and realized I was nothing but a mirror. I wasn’t the devil. Whenever I met different people, my clothing would change, my appearance would change. I met one person and I had on the latest clothing, my hair was fly, I was driving in this expensive car but I was lonely, except for the one person who I met who had changed it all; they were lonely and I told them, I was the devil. They began to cry because I was a mirror. I met an identical person, who gave me the same wealth but was blessed; I was finally able to say, I’m in the image of God. I cried, because when it was time for me to look in the mirror, the person said, I’m the devil.

I yelled because it wasn’t true. I’m the mirror. I’m the one with the blue polyester pants, I’m him, I know who I am. I’m ugly. I’m beautiful. I’m polar opposite of polar opposites. A snake slither/ the reflection of a still water pond.  The devil is ugly but God is humble. There is a thin line that is drawn between the two. I woke up. 

Society, sometimes we can be the still water, that confusion of not knowing up from down, not knowing if were the mirror or the reflection, normally this is when the snake serpent will slither and rattle. I mean if you have to, you take your mustard seed and throw it into the pond to see the reflection. Society we are not evil. 





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