Tuesday, October 1, 2013



          The post that you are about to read is not attended to make fun of anyone or anybody at any point of time. If at any point I have offended you, I apologize and hope there are no hard feelings between us. This was a what if or maybe point of view. Thank you and enjoy.

So in science, most people do not believe in God. I assume this means there is not a belief in one’s soul or it’s not possible to have soul mates. I strongly believe in science and I have a solid belief in God. In a recent discussion, I had a theory how Down syndrome could be a step in evolution to a new man. In that thought, my religious side kicked up and began to think about the beginning of mankind, how in the bible, one man and one woman was the beginning of 7 billion people today. The science side kicked up and I began to think about evolution and how at one point, there was a super continent called Pangaea. As both sides began to conflict, my thoughts meet in the middle and formed this, the theory of our soul mates maybe being a far but close relative. 

If what I’m saying is true, then this is incest without it really being incest. Science meets religion. In the beginning, we had two people; those two people had Cain and Able. I’m not going to go into detail with those two because there is no clear explanation as to who and where Cain’s wife came from; unless it was Eve. I will say this, there were not many people in the beginning yet we manage to have a population of 7 billion on this planet as of today. So from a science meets religion stand point, can our soul mates be a relative? Most of the time we meet a soul mate, there’s a deep connection with that person. There are times when you have a soul mate, you two don’t even talk and you can finish each others thought, there’s an unspoken love and commonality that you share, hell, they even say when you spend so much time together, you began to look alike. I know they mean as in style but sometimes, you pick up facial expressions or even the accent (If one or the other have an accent) you begin to mimic: a natural human function. We mimic people we have a tendency to admire or adore. This behavior is seen amongst brother and sister as in play or any relative younger or older as in a playful manner, a way of expressing a love for one another. This same kind of playful manner is seen in a relationship that is romantic, between husband and wife, mom and dad, our healthy romantic relationships are based on what we see, how we treat each other as we grow; We go out and find someone like mommy or daddy.

So, let me clear this up, If science and religion were to meet this may happen: Two people started the population from what we know; evolution of man coming out of water onto land and human’s began to change. We all started in one spot and migrated as we began to change; some stayed in Africa and others went north or south. For people to have migrated into different areas, genes began to change in order for  migration and different features to appear; in order for a variance, breeding occurred, some realized they could not live in tropical climates so they moved; others stayed. Seeing that the population, having only so  many people staying in one spot for such a long time, meant there had to be some mixing of genes at some point. Once the mixing of genes happened, something else happened which allowed movement; because of that movement, people of similar skin tones or features moved with each other.  Each one of these three groups, Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negroid all has some forum of mixing. As time moved on, generations began to grow, it sorted itself out, and we began to change; we became individuals. 

In a nut shell, when the groups separated, we needed the separation. Religion: (My thought) I think God put us in a hot climate, birthed out certain skin tones and features not suitable for one climate so that we could move.  Science: Skin tones and certain features did not allow us to stay in one spot so we moved. If we all stayed in one spot, the incest would have killed us; however, each group (Euro, Afro, Asian) being from incest, in each group, there are different features. I think whenever those different features (Blue, green, grey eyes, curly hair, brown or red hair, straight, black and etc) came up, it forced us to move again (Segregation was born) a different topic.

All of these changes happened which lead our population into culture (Mexican, Arabic, Indigenous people etc.) Now we all look different and we have culture to back that up…still does not change the fact, were all related. =)  So, when we meet someone, and we call them our soul mate, could it be a relative from a long, LONG, long, and I mean far away relative from a distant time? Down syndrome is said to occur amongst relatives who breed with each other. How it is that two strangers (You and your other) in a world started by two people (Adam and Eve), have so much in common (personality traits)  have a baby with Down syndrome?  Yes I know bit of a stretch and yes age plays a factor in this but, more and more these day, younger women are having babies with Down syndrome. 

So if there is no God, this means everything is science and we don’t have a soul; when we die, we just decompose in the ground, we don’t go elsewhere…we have no soul, we have no soul mate. If there is no science, were going to disregard the fact that down syndrome has nothing to do with the fact that Adam and Eve were ever here. This means in the Garden of Eden, there was a big enough population that nobody ever crossed paths and there was never a temptation to eat the fruit, there is no devil or no God. Religion: science proves to us that there has to be a God. Science: religion proves to us there has to be a science.


  1. Interesting hypothesis, Dean. Although I have no proof, it does seem likely that different skin colors are an adaptation to environment.

  2. I Have no proof either but I like to think this is somewhat true....maybe us not being related way down the line....lol