Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Society's diet

This meme has been circulating around Facebook for a while and the prices might not be exact, but the message its sending out is very real. I'm sure you've asked yourself why is it so expensive to eat healthy? Well...some say its our government using population control, others think its because healthy food is not in demand. What's going to sell faster? French fries or a small cup of broccoli? The french fries of course and there's nothing wrong with french fries because actually potatoes are a veggie; however, its a starchy veggie and frying it makes it all kinds of unhealthy yet tempting. Fast food, junk food, it taste very good and we usually don't realize what it's doing to us but a quick reflection at our youth, 8 year old's getting diabetes is a tad interesting.

I might be late on writing this post since a lot of fast food places are pushing for healthier options already, but its still seems to be only an option. A lot of people want to eat healthy so there is a market to make steady money from it, why are you still making it impossible for people making $20,000 a year and under to eat healthy? I mean hats off to the 99 cent store for putting a produce section in their store making fruits and veggies extremely affordable but if you're trying to feed a family, you'll be out food before the week is over and there's not a huge selection all the time.  What if everyone did a push away from fast food? A company basically supplies what we ask for, when something is rare its more expensive, when its the norm, it gets cheaper which is why coke is more than water, a burger is more than a salad, nobody buys because it's too expensive to begin with; however people aren't getting paid enough so the process continues. 

I'm not hear to bad mouth fast food or junk food because we all love it. I'm not going to front, I love extra cheese on a double bacon cheese burger with avocado slices, hell, I like buffets, I like food but I'm also aware too much of it can hurt you. I'm also aware that there are tons of recipes to cook healthy food and make it taste delicious, but we don't advertise that. Why? Why aren't we educating our children on what to eat or even learn how to grow their own food? I know the answer, but that's my opinion...The right food in one's body can actually turn off certain genes that trigger certain illness, making the right decision having the knowledge to make the right decision would cut back on  tons of issues; nutrition in school should be treated like math or any other subject. Even those who hated math, science, or etc, learned it. One ended up picking up something. Why isn't nutrition integrated with math? You need math in order to count calories, portion control, you need math and science and grasping of some language in order to grow food, these things can be incorporated into our school system therefore having a reason, creating a skill early on, making school a place that teaches you basic things to survive. As of now, it feels like life is routine, robotic...

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