Sunday, March 6, 2016

Climate change

Our planet has been under a lot of changes before we were here. The climate changed multiple times almost as if it was making the living conditions sutible for life, for us. Some question if we were the main reason for destroying our ozone layer; chloroflurocarbons combined with other halogenated substances are mainly responsible for man made chemical ozone depletion. We're not fully responsible, the earth is just as harsh on itself as we are, we just sped up the process. The only problem: we're not sure the direction the weather is going to take and were not sure how harsh the conditions can be. The planet will change, but as the planet changes, we should change with it.

The one thing I feel we should do is educate ourselves so we have somewhat of an understanding and not fear what our media propagates. For example, its predicted that when the ice caps melt, the sea levels will rise 20ft; its alarming for cities on the coast at or below sea level but it seems scary if that happened now because we're not ready, years up the road when we are, we'll be ready and educated about the situation. What's going on? It appears winters in certain parts of the US are more harsh, how could it be global warming? Its our ocean currents and weather patterns. Our weather patterns act like a freeway. A low system moves in, then it moves out to somewhere else, behind the low pressure system might be another low, followed by a high and the pattern continues; the rain storm in Los Angeles becomes the snow in Chicago, and New York. As of recently, our weather pattern has been in a traffic jam because of our ice caps melting, changing the temps of the ocean, changing the currents, thus changing our systems.

The change has allowed for countries like the US to experience extreme conditions in certain regions. For example, Chicago (or the North/Midwest) may experience three or four lows pressure systems coming in during the winter which causes snow, as they move on, a high pressure system may come in warming up the region a little bit and eventually it moves on. What's happening now is that a low pressure system moves in, and parks its ass over that region for weeks. As that happens, the high pressure system that was suppose to leave Los Angeles and travel east, doesn't because the low in Chicago can't move because the high pressure on the East Coast can't leave; now you have New York and Baltimore with an unusual winter yet its still cold because its winter and the temps in the Atlantic are slightly different, poor Chicago, Detroit, and other cities by the great lakes are getting slammed by that low pressure system that's sucking air from out of the arctic with no signs of letting up soon, then there's us, sunny Los Angeles California whose desert trees are dying from drought, lakes dropping in elevation, while threatening the population of drinking water.

All of that above, is due to our ice caps melting and changing the temps in our ocean. The temps of our ocean is responsible for certain temps in areas. For example, the Pacific ocean, as far south as Los Angeles,  still gets cold which allows us to not have hurricanes in the summer; even though our latitude suggest hurricanes...that California current tho. lol. Anyways, that current jets cold water down from what happens when all the ice caps melt? yep...unless we magically change positions because hurricanes can't reach higher latitudes, a hurricane in high latitudes is like running up hill for us, you start off fine at the bottom but lose steam right around the middle/before the top...unless you're in crazy shape this example doesn't apply to you but, you catch my drift, hurricanes lose steam in higher latitudes due to colder water and gravity. My point: Those Ice caps melt and everything changes.

In the process of our climate changing, one is going to see extremes because the ice caps melting and changing the temps of the ocean is kind of like diabetes to the planet... or think constipation if you're not sure how diabetes works. Until all of that ice melts or we figure out how to cool this bitch down, this is what we will be dealing with: backed up weather systems. Should we beat ourselves up for polluting the planet? No? because like I mentioned up above, the planet is just as harsh on itself if not worse; should we continue polluting it? fuck no, earth needs no help, nor do we need to speed up a process we kind of understand with no exit out. That's like me saying make Trump our president. That was a bad joke. Or was it? Anyways, climate change is real. Climate change is what evolved us... because it was cold or hot during travel, we realized  walking would not work, so we got horses, which was faster but we wanted to go faster to beat the grips of a winter death or a heat stroke, eventually cars were created which goes faster AND shelters us from the elements during a long journey; unfortunately because of that invention and many others, it caused pollution...kind of defeating the surviving purpose; so we evolve again. Only problem: we're getting ahead of ourselves.I could be wrong.  Feel free to leave your opinion or knowledge in the comments below.

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