Saturday, February 14, 2015

Under Aquarius

Under Aquarius I cried for you,
I fought for you, exchanged energy
for you,wished for you, fought with
you under the stars of Sagittarius and
continued with the cold attitude moving
into Capricorn, the scorn of this new relationship
that was born begin to form as the stars begin
to align, the issues of  yesterday begin to spray
under this sign, like the water barrier Aquarius is,
I begin to spray out my emotions which made me
quirky, the fire and earth in me begin to loose footing
and unearth me, shook me, rocked me,
stopped me, shocked me,
a mix between low self esteem
and cocky, I couldn't seem
to stop thee, word vomit
absurdly dumping out of my brains

Under Aquarius my dreams
became romantic, just being
able to lock eyes under dark
skies or city lights, just hug
you when the wind is right,
love you when your eyes
dull, you heads low, spirit
crushed, I'll pick you
up, kiss you up, nothing
to sexual, laughing and
pure sensual touching just
like to hear you laugh so I wild
out...some of it sounds cliche
but I promise the delivery would
be original, just only rose peddles
because thorny stems can be
subliminal, if I could  steal
her heart I wouldn't do it
because its not beating...
I'd only still her heart
to pause the moment I took
her breathe away, kiss her
on the lips and add my breathe
into her passage way, heart beating
linked, synced, or paired together
just you and I, gaze into our souls
because the eyes are windows of
you and I, but sharing a lovely kiss
would probably put the you in
I, l-o-v-e y-o-u? I owe you and I,
love you till I can't no more, because
I can't bare pain, the last person in
my thoughts when I fall asleep, you're
always on my brain, some where in my
thoughts...I try to neglect you but I can't...
every now and then I push you out but
you slowly creep, I don't want to seem
obsessed but I think someone's got a
hold of my chest

It's said if you're constantly
thinking of someone, usually
the person is thinking of you....
So here's to us thinking of us...
you can't stop thinking of me
because you wonder about us
instead of wondering about the
current, the predictable was easy
but the forbidden is a chase, even
if I catch you, I'll only have you for a
short moment in this life, to feel the passion
of the souls in flesh is never daunting, just
when one leaves before the other it can be
haunting, because you don't want to leave,
you want to stay by their side, when you kiss
them with soft kisses your spirits chakra ignites
with inside....

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