Thursday, June 12, 2014

Simple and Smart

            It’s said when we look far enough into the stars, we’re actually looking into the past. The universe is a time machine. If there is another life form out there, would they be looking into the past as well? Or would it be the future? If there are other life forms out there, are they that far advanced? For us to know the age of the universe, I’m sure there is life out there, that’s aware of this as well. I look at it like this: If someone is looking at us saying we’re the past, but we all know that’s impossible because technically, 1955 is the past, and 2029 is the future, then when we look deep into the cosmos, into an ancient time period, almost into the time of the big bang theory, how far ahead are they in their future? I say this because we always say that Alien’s must be more advanced than us; at least some of us hope. It’s weird how time works. If life is out there and they are more advanced than us, the time frame of the universe works like a first come first serve situation. 

            If I arrive to the buffet for the morning breakfast at 9:50 and all the bacon is gone, I might here people go, “sorry, you’re too late, we ate all of the bacon.” Even though them eating the bacon is a past tense situation, those people who got bacon, were ahead of me. It’s such a simple way of putting it and I would hate to think the universe is that simple; yet at the same time, I hope it is that simple. The more and more I read about life or our universe in general, I find that it’s all about patterns, basic memorization; man is the one that’s complex. Man, we are complex and stupid at the same time. I say this because to be complex means your hard to understand and only someone who would want to manipulate or control a situation, greedy people, would make something hard to understand. If it’s simple, it’s straight forward with no hidden tricks; unless you’re so smart, you deliver a complicated plan in a simple message; but in the case of nature or the universe, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. 

We are always amazed at nature. No matter what we build, that’s suppose to withstand a force, a Hurricane destroys it or an Earth quake figures out a way of making it collapse. We’re amazed at super novas or white dwarfs; the one thing a super nova and hurricane have in common is pattern. No hidden agenda. However each of these things contains some kind of knowledge. There’s always a math or even language hidden behind the action of these forces of nature. It’s simple, we know the ocean has to be a certain temperature for hurricanes, we know it has to be at a certain latitude, we know the ocean powers hurricanes and land makes it loose steam or spawn into a tornado, we know this; Our job: to manipulate or control it. We haven’t figured that out, however we know the steps of a hurricane, these are simple steps but the complicated get defeated by the simple….

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