Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Mars theory (I’m going to try to keep this short)

       (Image found on Google. Btw, that's a picture of  Mars Surface...time to wake up people)

So there’s a theory out there saying that humans may have originally started life on Mars. I kind of believe this and I’ll tell you why. The pyramids in Egypt line up with the pyramid on Mars. Why? The human civilization that was on Mars was telling us, “As a reminder, you started here at point A. Now we are here on Earth and were going to build the same exact pyramid that lines up with the one on Mars to remind you, you were here on Mars.” Why did we leave Mars? For the same exact reason we want to leave earth: we kind of fucked earth up but just in case we fucked up earth so bad, we want an exit route so were looking at Mars; the only problem with that: I think whatever we did on Mars, is the same exact thing….we……are…..doing……on…….EARTH.  The theory says that, eons ago, when we lived on Mars, we lived in a balanced society of feminine and masculine energy. As time moved on, we begin to lean into a more masculine energy planet on mars. This means wars, poverty, death, greed, basically everything that is going on in the world today; I believed this may have happened eons ago. I think we destroyed Mars with some of the same shit we have today. 

Picture it like this, have you forgot how to do something and then suddenly remember how to do it? Let me give a better example, as a kid , I hated when I would go to the mountains and the bees would buzz pass my ear. I would grab my brother’s ear muffs and put them over my ears so the bees would not bother me. As I got older, when I would go to the mountains I still hated that the bees or flies would buzz in my ear and I wish I could find a way to prevent that. Today I was going to go for a hike in the mountains and my mom reminded me, not in these exact words, “ remember that time when we went to the mountains and you put your brothers ear muffs on because the bees and flies were bothering you?” I thought, oh yeah, Son of a bitch, I’m going hiking and it’s April. I still hate when bees and flies bother my ears. So I grabbed my headphones, turned my music on: problem solved. In that example I gave, that’s mankind. We were on Mars so long ago, we forgot what we did on Mars but were repeating the problem here on Earth. In my opinion, mankind is doing what I would like to call a dejavu without memory; however we have clues. For example, Latin is one of our oldest languages and Mar means sea in Latin add an s and you have Mars = Seas. The pyramid on Mars, the eerie vast barren land, that when you look at it, looks like it could support life; however it also looks like what a nuclear blast could do to Earth if we ever got so out of hand, it looks like a land that was so polluted that we had to leave because we destroyed it.  This is just theory. I could be wrong….there’s more to it but tell me what you think in the comments section, questions, thoughts…anything…
 One last thing, I think this is the message of the pyramids on Earth: "You have done this already.  The reason you can't live on Mars is because you destroyed it. You have already lived on a different planet and fucked it up. As a reminder, we are going to rebuild the pyramids here on Earth to remind you of what you did to one home, don't destroy the next. Because if you destroy Earth, you end mankind. We can live on Mars but it's going to take time to regenerate itself. However, if you destroy Earth faster then you did Mars, you're fucked." Basically, slow down on destroying the planet and mankind. End wars, and get back to a balanced society. We don't have anywhere else to go. I don't mean to be dark in this message but this is yin and yang. The light side of this: we have a chance. The dark side: if we keep fucking this planet up, that's it. We destroy faster then we can advance...think about that for a second.

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