Thursday, April 3, 2014

Is energy real?

“Energy: Will to work; vigor: That boy is so full of energy that he cannot keep still. 2. Power to work or act; force: All our energies were used in keeping the fire from spreading. 3. Capacity for doing work, such as lifting or moving an object. Atomic energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy are different forms of energy.” Energy is real. The ancient Egyptians believed heavily on energy. Energy is a source that has the potential to change situations. Things we cannot see are often done by energy until it manifest itself into something real and visible. For example, if you constantly tell someone their fat and worthless, and you mean it, that energy you exuberate will begin to take a toll on that person. I think many of us subconsciously know that, but how many of us have consciously put it in light? I’m one of those people who knew this but didn’t realize how serious it was. I’ll say this in short, for those who want the world to change, check yourself. 

            What do you bring to the table that can change it? This energy goes way deeper then what most of us think. There’s energy grids on this planet, natural energy grids on this planet that flow and can help us with sickness, disease, happiness, fortune, and balance we chose to ignore or maybe we just simply forgot. As of now, I’m not sure which one it is…but one day when you’re not too busy, sit back and look at the planet and ask, “Why is there poverty?” “How come that person is rich?” Why does my life (insert situation) play out this way?” If you are on the west coast of  the America’s, we sit on one of the biggest energy grids this world has to offer and the Mayan’s, Aztecs, and many other Indigenous groups knew that. They knew how to channel that energy and spread it amongst other large energy grids to make a connection. Even better, look at all of our seven wonders of the world or simply look at the pyramids in Giza and South America and it offers way more answers. In my opinion, these monuments were built to mark energy spots and as a reminder, they knew man would go into a dark period. Instead of struggling out of it, these monuments were there to guide us out of the dark and remind us, energy is real….

                                                   Folks, you know the answers...=)

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